Sunset Beach Campgrounds

23246 Lankford Hwy., Cape Charles, VA
Renovations and additions to Campground, Conference Building,
Hotel, Pool Complex, and Restaurant. Completed 8/16.
Approximate Contract Value $8,750,000


Parktowne Apartment Exterior Renovations

3857 Flowerfield Rd., Norfolk, VA
Anticipated Completion 7/16
Approximate Contract Value $400,000.00


Ashville Park Clubhouse

1868 Ashville Park Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA
New 3,500sf clubhouse & fitness bldg.
Completed 12/15
Approximate Contract Value $900,000.00


Parktowne Apartment Clubhouse

3857 Flowerfield Rd., Norfolk, VA
New 6,500sf clubhouse, fitness center with pool and site improvements
Completed 4/15
Approximate Contract Value $1,950,000.00

Oceana receptionWEB.jpg

Corporate Landing Medical

1236 Perimeter Pkwy., Virginia Beach, VA
Tenant improvements for Medical office
Completed 6/14
Approximate Contract Value $130,000.00

Dentist officeWEB.jpg

Allergy & Asthma

300 Medical Pkwy, Suite 100, Chesapeake, VA
Interior renovations for new medical office.
Completed 7/15
Approximate Contract Value $250,000.00


Conelias Dental

6033 Providence Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
New 3,000sf office building & interior improvements
Completed 12/13
Approximate Contract Value $500,000.00

Pisces Cabanas 4-28-13_0037a.jpg

Oceanfront Cabanas

5700 Oceanfront Dr., Virginia Beach, VA
Replaced 8 cabana buildings
Completed 5/13
Approximate Contract Value $160,000.00

Oceana xray2WEB.jpg

The Therapy Network (TTN)

Interior renovations to Tidewater area office
Completed 12/12
Approximate Contract Value $50,000.00


Jones Real Estate Investment

11,500sf new construction of mixed use dental office, restaurants and retail
Completed 11/11, Virginia Beach, VA
Approximate Contract Value $1,300,000.00


Bousch Street Interior Offices

Office improvements, Norfolk, VA
Completed 11/11
Approximate Contract Value $210,000.00

Amy Shoe frontroom3WEB.jpg

Amy Shu Properties

34th St., Virginia Beach, VA
Interior office improvements
Completed 9/10
Approximate Contract Value $65,000.00

dentistry room2WEB.jpg

Foleck Dental Office

2100 Cunningham Dr., Hampton, VA
2400sf – Interior Remodeling
Completed 12/10
Approximate Contract Value $250,000.00


Moy Accounting

S. Rosemont Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
2,800sf – New office building and site improvements
Completed 10/09
Approximate Contract Value $400,000.00


Finnerty Dental Office

Kempsville Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
5,000sf – Interior and Exterior Remodeling
Completed 12/09
Approximate Contract Value $350,000.00


Leibowitz Professional Center

1932 Kempsville Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
14,000sf – New construction w/Tenant Improvements for a 3600sf new Dental office; 3600sf Chiropractic Office; 1800sf Insurance office; 1800sf Optometrist office and 3600sf Real Estate office
Completed 7/08
Approximate Contract Value $1,400,000.00

Oceana MainLobbyWEB.jpg

Oceana Medical Center

Corporate Landing Business Park
1232 Perimeter Pkwy., Virginia Beach, VA
16,000sf – Interior Improvements
Completed 2/08
Approximate Contract Value $1,200,000.00

international pkway outsideWEB.jpg

Lynnhaven International

2697 International Pkwy., Virginia Beach, VA
12,000sf – New construction
Completed 9/07
Approximate Contract Value $1,700,000.00

eye care casesWEB.jpg

Eye to Eye Optical

1 Coliseum Crossing
2400sf – Interior Remodeling
Completed 2/11
Approximate Contract Value $130,000.00

Dum.outside sideWEB.jpg

Richard Doummar and Associates, Attorneys at Law

1397 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach, VA
3,500sf – Remodel – Wood framed
Completed 6/07
Approximate Contract Value $250,000.00